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How To Save a Life is an Evangelion/ShinKawo comedy-drama AU fan comic. Written by E (the artist of Teahouse) and drawn by Gee (an artist in animation from the magical land of LA), the story follows Shinji, his relationship with Kaworu, and all the fun stuff that goes with how to deal with things when you’re 26 years old and have no idea what you want out of life. Following his father’s footsteps to become a doctor in a misguided attempt to gain his approval, Shinji navigates his final year of med school at Nerv University with mishaps and misfortunes, but learns a lot of lessons along the way.

HTSAL was first promoted at Sakuracon 2014. It’s currently outlined as a 5-chapter series and Chapter 1 is planned to debut at YaoiCon 2014. This tumblr will be a deposit for developmental sketches and art.